Consulting Services

UConn Net Impact team strives to provide opportunities and share knowledgeable resources that delivers impactful and sustainable results. Currently, following projects are up and running in association with our chapter:

ASARASI:Image result for asarasi hq logo

Background: Asarasi as a growing company is developing a new source for pure water, replacing the rapidly depleting ground water table with an organic, sustainable plant-based source.


Objective: To design a marketing plan that utilizes existing assets that builds brand engagement through their social networking system. The vital aim of Asarasi is to research, design and deliver the strategy.



  • Net Impact team is performing a cost analysis for marketing on LinkedIn compared to other social media channels
  • It creates consumer messages that easily communicates the brand attributes and unique story to consumers through LinkedIn
  • The team is also presenting the outline strategy and implementation of how the company can communicate unique selling point to consumers and build brand awareness through identified social media platform



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Background: Replate makes it a breeze for businesses to donate food consistently and liability free. It encourages communication and transparency between our food donors, drivers, and recipients. Replate’s target is to serve 16 million meals to 100,000 people in the next 4 years.


Objective: Replate is looking to expand its services to areas beyond San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York city. The team need to evaluate Replate’s current customer base and growth goals, along with the current state of the market, to determine which geographical or professional segments Replate should target to effectively grow.


The Net Impact teams are divided in the following domains for the operation of this project:

  • Marketing Team: Evaluating current growth strategy and making suggestions for hypergrowth
  • Google Analytics Team: Using Google Analytics to track certain key metrics and evaluate possible reasons for high bounce rates to implement beneficial recommendations
  • Law Team: Understanding state-level legislation concerning organic waste or food waste to evaluate any incentives or litigation opportunity possible for Replate